Thursday, 19 April 2012

Testing the legs

After a few weeks of virtually zero training I decided to have a go at the Xterra MTB only race and 'test' where my body was at and how far I could push things before I started to see double!

I first participated in Xterra as part of a team last year and loved the experience and the amazing atmosphere.  I also knew that a wide range of people tend to compete in this event meaning that even if my body crapped out completely I wouldn't be left out on the track all by myself.

Stunning day in Rotovegas
My start was actually fairly decent but I still managed to get stuck behind a few people on the first bit of single-track.  Onto the first main climb and I was bolting up the hill feeling great and passing people left, right and centre (Actually, mainly just on the right!).  After about 10 minutes of this I started to feel a bit dizzy and realised I should probably back off a bit when I started seeing two of the rider in front of me! 

I reluctantly dropped down to granny and spun my way up the last of the hill.  I knew this would probably happen but it was still a touch disappointing when people started streaming past me.  For once I was actually stronger on the downhills than I was on the climbs.   I had a pretty average run down Billy T but things picked up when I hit Split Endz.  I was feeling great and got into a good rhythm that lasted till the end of the race.  I managed to pick up a lot of people towards the end that  didn't seem to have the endurance. 

I finished 6th in Open women which wasn't  too bad considering and I'm definitely happy that it seems I can push my body a bit before things fall apart.

The highlights of the trip?  Watching all of the Xterra individuals show just how strong they really are.  I have only ever done duathlons as my swimming leaves a lot to be desired but these guys are absolute machines!  Big congrats to everyone who competed (especially Dom who managed the individual race on little to no training!).

Dom half way through the run leg.

Highlight number 2?  Getting to go riding the next day.  My body wasn't up to much and my tiredness made my concentration and technical skills even more average than normal but had a great ride anyway.  Thanks to Dan (my travelling buddy) for showing me how not to navigate roots.

Now it's time to start training again and see how my body handles it.  It looks like time and rest will be the only way to come right but if it works I'm happy to take it easy for a while.

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